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Welcome to the Big F - from Mr. Alexander Fedorov from Russia with Love

We are presenting his passion for nude art photography and videography with all the different aspects of his productions and the exclusive material since the last 10 years. The digital photography has developed over the past years and this is the reason why, you will see some of the material is shot with 6 or 8 megapix cameras. We feel that it would be unfair not to show these great moments of art, beauty made by the big Master Alexander Fedorov from Russia with love

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Friday 20. May 2016
Friday 13. May 2016
Friday 06. May 2016
Friday 29. April 2016
Friday 22. April 2016
Friday 15. April 2016
Friday 08. April 2016
Friday 01. April 2016

Alexander Fedorov

is a very active photographer, and he produces every week new photos and movies in and around St. Petersburg / Russia. He also teaches photographers and videographers how to improve their skills. In the future we will add following areas: online masterclasses, back stage videos and photos, tips and techniques for photo and video with an exclusive area for all who wants to learn from the great masters Alexander Fedorov!

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We are constantly producing new movies for you. A short film will give you an overview about the great film archives of Mr. Alexander Fedorov.
68 movies today
162 Models online!!
Plus 62643 Images

Latest Models

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Friday 27. May 2016
Friday 03. June 2016
Friday 10. June 2016
Friday 17. June 2016

About Alexander Fedorov

1997 was the beginning of my interest and involvement with Erotic. I have participated on several Photo exhibitions in St. Petersburg / Russia, and also participated in some international exhibitions devoted to erotic

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FedorovHD is updating frequently. Each cover represents a complete photo-gallery or video.

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